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Alter Ego Head Piercer Dave

Our head piercer, Dave

Our head piercer, Dave

Dave Spik

Owner and head piercer

Dave Spik opened Alter Ego Body Art Studio in September 2012 with his wife, Jaime Wilson-Spik, who is the shop’s business manager.

Dave has been piercing since 2002, and takes pride in being one of the few piercers around who is the owner of a tattoo and piercing studio. He is known for being extremely proficient, precise and fast, and for helping clients feel very comfortable and at ease.

Dave trained by apprenticing for 6 months with an artist who had been piercing for years. He is bloodborne-pathogen certified.

Dave does brandings and most common and exotic piercings, but specializes in surface piercings and surface anchors (often known as dermal anchors). He is inspired by every unique piercing he sees, and tries to come up with his own renditions of them.

“I have been exposed to brandings during my entire career, so I wanted to learn to do them and am interested in the physical change they cause,” he says. “As for surface anchors, I like the freedom they give you in placement, design and creativity, especially when combining them with tattoos and brandings.”

Dave has been intrigued by body modification since he was 10 years old, when he remembers seeing an “awesome” guy with a blue mohawk, piercings and tattoos.

When he goes to other cities, he always goes to a few shops to see what they are doing so that he might pick up some new ideas or techniques.

He enjoys helping his clients design custom piercings, and loves to see them smile with excitement when they see the results. He is inspired by seeing his piercings out in the world and seeing people happy with their piercings and service.

Dave grew up in Pittsburgh, and decided to open his own shop because he felt it was time to grow and develop his own path and style. His goal is to build a business around lifetime clients.

Dave can be booked for body piercing appointments at Alter Ego as well as at fetish events and body modification parties.

When he’s not working, he enjoys hanging out with his family, table-top gaming, scuba diving, and going out to clubs.


Alter Ego Body Art Studio

Address: 1443 Potomac Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15216

Phone: 412-344-1314

Hours: Monday – Saturday, noon – 8 p.m.



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