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Alter Ego Director of Operations / Piercer Jaime

Alter Ego Director of Operations

Alter Ego Director of Operations / Piercer

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Jaime Wilson-Spik

Owner and business manager / Piercer

Jaime takes care of Alter Ego’s accounting, marketing, customer service, and retail. She worked in retail management for more than 6 years and service management for 4 years. She always wanted to own a business, and with her husband Dave’s experience in the industry, it seemed like a natural fit to open a tattoo and piercing studio.

Jaime got her first tattoo at 17, to memorialize a friend who died young. Jaime has now been receiving tattoos and body piercings for well over a decade, and she considers all her body art as one piece, constantly evolving. All her work is representative of her life.

Jaime believes that body art is the ultimate form of expression, and that it creates diversity, individuality, and camaraderie. She believes in helping others achieve their vision of self-expression and individuality while turning themselves into a piece of art.

Jaime likes the name “Alter Ego” because she believes that tattoos, piercings, and brandings are physical alterations that can either be a visual representation of your personality, or represent a side of you that no one else sees. When you leave Alter Ego, she hopes you have the experience of transforming into yourself, or the person you aspire to be.

Jaime firmly believes in amazing customer service, quality work, and upholding standards in sterilization and regulation. She is known for running an extremely clean shop. She also believes in honesty. “We don’t just take your money,” she explains. “We consult with you about what you want, and we match you with the right artist.”

Her proudest moments for Alter Ego have come when she is sharing in the successes of the staff or sharing special moments with clients. She looks forward to helping Alter Ego expand while building a positive, trustworthy reputation among her peers, in her community, and throughout the city.

Jaime grew up all over the Pittsburgh area, and she and Dave decided to make their home in Dormont in 2004.

“Pittsburgh is a city founded on hard work,” she says. “That has resulted in the most amazing city pride. The city is filled with so many interesting neighborhoods and cultures.”

When Jaime isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, watching the Steelers at Heinz Field or on TV, admiring architecture, and researching genealogy.


Alter Ego Body Art Studio

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Phone: 412-344-1314

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